About Kourou

Kourou is Goznet Systems' flexible and commercially proven content-management platform, now into its third major version. It provides a framework within which powerful websites may be created, deployed and user-updated in a highly cost-effective manner. No direct knowledge of HTML is necessary in order to maintain attractive, adaptable and standards-compliant websites.

How flexible is Kourou?

Kourou is very flexible, both visually and functionally.
Visually, Kourou uses templates to control the page layout and appearance, and if those templates are created "from scratch", a Kourou-driven site need not look like any other. This is in stark contrast to many content-management systems that impose a house style, possibly forcing your website down a visual route that's not your preference.
Functionally, it uses a powerful system of plug-ins produced in PHP that can provide all kinds of facilities simply not possible with static HTML. These might include multimedia galleries, dynamic menus to name just a couple. Custom plug-ins can be produced by Goznet Systems if the pre-supplied ones prove not to be appropriate.
Individual pages can be exempt from being handled by Kourou if required, and use standard HTML or PHP instead.

Is Kourou a content management system?

Kourou is not an off-the-shelf content management system (CMS) in the mould of WordPress and similar systems. In using the term "platform" we refer to a technical foundation on which dynamic and flexible content-managed websites may be built without being constrained to a defined implementation. Kourou-powered websites may draw upon as much or as little of the platform's functionality as they require. At Goznet Systems we believe that content management should liberate rather than constrain our clients, and Kourou's "pick and mix" nature helps us deliver on that.

What does Kourou need, technically speaking?

Kourou is based on a standard installation of PHP 5, and will potentially operate on any web server with PHP 5 installed. It requires the DOM extension to be available; this is part of the default PHP 5 configuration but some web hosts choose to omit it. Depending on the plug-ins used, individual sites may benefit from additional server facilities. Before deployment on a third-party server, Goznet Systems will confirm that the necessary functionality is available.

How do I get Kourou?

Currently, Kourou is available exclusively with Goznet Systems web design and development. Please contact us for further details or a quote for proposed work.

Why Kourou?

Kourou is the home of the Guiana Space Centre, which has been used as the spaceport of the European Space Agency since 1975. As such, it is synonymous with launching exciting and innovative projects that push the boundaries.