Monday, 9 May 2011

Highshot Events

Produced to support a new venture for an existing client, Highshot Events promotes a clay pigeon shooting business. Based at the upmarket Groomes hotel in rural Hampshire but also offering a quality mobile service, Highshot Events needed a website that was, in the words of the client, "calming, inviting and exciting" and consistent with the country/rural feel of both the hotel and the business. We hope you'll agree we've succeeded!

We'll be honest and admit we're not the biggest fans of Flash, since it can make websites slow, fiddly and unreliable to use. However used judiciously it can enhance some sites, with Flash being used for the fancy slideshows at the foot of many of the pages on this one. We also use Goznet Systems' proven square_thumb_gallery on the site, making it easy to add stylish browsable photos into the mix.

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