Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Novelty/complexity model

This isn't quite so obviously Kourou, but it's a little web application for AJP Consulting going live any time now that employs some of the modular elements of it. This is why we call Kourou a content management platform, rather than system - it's a loose collection of technology that can come together in many forms, from individual bits of handy functionality able to be dropped in to independently managed websites, to complete ground-up site designs.

The web application collects a number of responses about a project from the registered user, which are then analysed to determine the novelty and complexity of the project, to recommend further reading, and to generate a reference PDF containing all of the above in a handy print-off-and-keep format.

In this case, the quickform element of Kourou is used in the admin interface, significantly accelerating what could otherwise have been a very laborious and error-prone development process for something not directly visible to the visiting users.

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