Saturday, 3 December 2011

Remote FTP publishing

Announcing the latest new feature in Kourou: remote FTP publishing!

Some customers' pre-existing webspace is very basic, not supporting "advanced" features like PHP, Perl etc that modern websites increasingly need to work efficiently. So we are pleased to announce that Goznet Systems' Kourou content management platform now supports remote FTP publishing.

Basically this means that you can have a fully content-managed Kourou-based website even if your webspace doesn't directly support it. You simply maintain your website at a special private address, and then click Remote publish in the Kourou toolbar to send the updates to your actual website via FTP.

There are a few limitations still. In particular this does mean your website should not rely on any special dynamic functions like searching or contact forms, but even so, this new feature opens the realm of possibilities enabled by Kourou to even the most simple webspace. Features like Google Maps, Flash and so on are all potentially supported, so there is still plenty of scope for highly interactive websites!

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